We have
Stainless Steel Stairs and Catwalks
Stainless Steel Platform
Operators Platforms
Crossover Auger Conveyor
Imdec SS Conveyor Frames
SS Dump Hopper
SS Transfer Auger Conveyor
SS Feed Hoppers
Starter Boxes
Pneumatic Control Boxes
Allen Bradley 6 Panel Motor Control Center Mod Centerline for UF & RO
AC Tech Variable Speed AC Motor Drive Mod
SS Control Cabinet w/direct Logic Plug ins & ups for Waste Evaporator
SS 2-door Control Cabinet w/direct Logic Plug ins & ups for UF & RO
Fenco 4-Effect Evaporator
Fran Rica Evaporator Parts
Fenco Turbo Wheels
Niro 3 Effect Waste Water Evaporator
Elpo Model AS11-1000 Bag Filler
Elpo Filler Parts
US Pressure Leaf System
SS Reverse Osmosis Membrane Tubes
Ultra Filtration Membrane Tubes
Fenco Finisher Parts
Brown Chopper Parts
FMC Pulper
Finisher SS Screens
Juice Extractors
SS Tube Heat Exchanger
Rotary Coil Hot Break Construction SS
L&A Engineering Coil Hot Break SS Construction
Stork Dual Coil Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger
SS Thermal Screw Rotary Cooker
1974, 1975 & 1976 Monarch Cortland VMC
Rotary Table
Boring Mill, Vertical, Webster - Bennett
Lathe - LeBlond
Pratt & Whitney 16" Table
Pratt & Whitney Traveling Head
UNI-Air Rotary Air Comp.
Walker - Turner Gang Drill
​Gate Valves
Pneumatic Grease Guns/Calking Guns
Roll Around Layout Tables
20 Ton Capacity Presses
50 Ton Rotary Fermenter
Air Pneumatic Chipper
American Engine Lathe
APV Valve Cluster
Assorted Gaskets, O Rings, Gauges, Plastic Tubing, Sprockets and Pulleys
Assorted SS Pipe & Fittings, Pneumatic Valves and SS Clamps
Coil Line
Digital Meters w/In-line Probes: EH F10
Drum Dumping Station
Evapco Cooling Towers
Fairbanks Pallet Scale
Grove 14 Ton RT Crane
Henley 20" Crank
Hobarg MIG Welder
Jones & Lamso Turret Lathe
Lincoln Wire Feed
Miller Compressed Air Dryer
MIMIK Hydraulic Tracer & Scrubber
Motomechanica Hydraulic Drives
MSI Computers
Pneumatic Valves and SS Pipes
Precision Incubator
Rigid Pip Cutter
Sheet Polisher 
Spot Welder
SS Industrial Hand Washing Stands
SS Instrument Panel
SS Pipe Couplers & Flanges
Vacuum Lifters
Dodge Quantis Gear Drive
Dodge Tigear Gear Box